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How do our Consulting Services Work?

New Product Visions offers consulting services that help improve the effectiveness of the new product development process. Our consulting services are customized to meet the need of every client, but the foundation of the process is typically the same:

Step 1: Problem Definition

New Product Visions works together with the client to identify the problem(s).

Step 2: Collect Information

We then gather all of the pertinent information. This would likely involve an on-site visit to meet with the various stakeholders to understand the issues from a variety of perspectives.

Step 3: Solve the Problem

Once the issues are understood, we would then evaluate options. This might involve additional phone or on-line meetings to clarify issues.

Step 4: Make Recommendations

New Product Visions then is responsible for presenting the options and recommendations, and in collaboration with the client, decide on a path forward.

Step 5: Implementation

If desired, we can also then help implement the change.


Example Problems

  • Assessing overall NPD process and how to improve effectiveness
  • Address specific issues with the NPD process or organization issues as described on the Seminars page
  • Improving the NPD process to prepare for a potential acquisition
  • Implementing a formal NPD process for ISO certification


What makes New Product Visions consultants unique?

  • An objective third-party partner
  • Skilled in connecting NPD to other complex business processes
  • Experienced in developing & launching highly successful projects
  • Extensive industry and business knowledge
  • Consultants who understand the process and have been where you are
  • A commitment to client satisfaction
  • Understands the special requirements of small to medium sized companies

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