MyInnovationCoach Training

MyInnovationCoach is the training organization of New Product Visions. We offer the Innovation Master Class and the Innovation Management Training Course.

The Innovation Master Class is an intense, 2-1/2 hour online training course designed to jump-start your innovation management practices. It is offered monthly and costs $25.

The Innovation Management Training Course is an on-demand, online training course that consists of over 12 hours of online content that covers the topics in the MasterClass in greater detail. Content includes a combination of webinars, exercises and case studies, downloadable reference material and module tests. The cost is $595 but attend the MasterClass and the cost is reduced to $295.


How are you going to grow your company's top and bottom line? New products have to be part of the equation but how do you improve your ability to manage innovation? MyInnovationCoach training programs help you do just that. Learn more here.

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