customized onsite seminars

How can our Seminars Help You?

New Product Visions offers seminars that can be conducted on-site and usually involve those who are responsible for new product development.

These include: the president/owner, senior level management, R&D / manufacturing management, project managers, product management, marketing management, and key engineering and manufacturing technical staff.

The seminar content is customized to suit the needs of our clients, but typically would involve topics associated with the NPD Process and/or Organization Issues. Typical topics include:

Process Seminars:

  • Overall NPD Process
    1. What is NPD, and what makes it so difficult?
    2. The NPD framework
    3. Relationship to the business and competitive strategy
    4. The importance of a "design view"
    5. Types of projects
    6. The role of management
  • Project Definition
    1. Impact of business and competitive strategy
    2. Project types
    3. Incremental vs. "mega projects"
    4. Introduction to project complexity
    5. Role of system architecture
    6. Capturing the definition
  • Phase Gate Development Process
    1. What is a phase gate development process
    2. Ideal vs. "real world" process
    3. What happens at the "gates"
    4. Benefits of phase gate
    5. Words of caution when using phase gate
    6. Sample process
    7. Roles of stakeholders
    8. Formal procedures
  • NPD Metrics
    1. Ways to measure NPD effectiveness
    2. % revenue from new products
    3. Measuring project efficiency
    4. Measuring NPD "Flow"
    5. Project cycle time
    6. Project schedule variance
    7. Project by type and phase
    8. Financial modeling
    9. Resource allocation
    10. A word of caution about metrics
  • Project Portfolio Planning
    1. What is the "fuzzy front end" and why is it important?
    2. Managing the project portfolio
    3. A sample process
    4. Key elements of an effective process
  • Project Management
    1. Types of risk
    2. Diagnosing and managing complexity and "unk unks"
    3. Traditional project management tools
    4. Projects with high levels of uncertainty
    5. Integration of hardware and software projects
    6. Cycle time and drive to go faster
    7. Key attributes of the project manager
    8. Project team considerations
    9. Core team concept
    10. Financial decision making tool
    11. Top 12 reasons for NPD project failure and how to address
  • Agile and Scrum for Managing Software Development
    1. What are "agile" techniques?
    2. What is "scrum"?
    3. Scaling scrum
    4. Why can it be difficult to implement?
    5. Benefits of scrum
    6. Integrating scrum and a phased development process

Organization Seminars:

  • R&D Organization Structure
    1. Overall business organization structure and NPD
    2. R&D organization structure options
    3. NPD team structure options
    4. NPD and Product Management/Marketing integration
    5. NPD and Manufacturing integration
    6. NPD and Service integration
  • Human Factors and Team Dynamics
    1. Elements of team performance
    2. Stages of team development
    3. Facilitating the team
    4. Personal space and motivation
    5. Managing team conflict
    6. Managing behaviors
    7. Impact of stress on team and individual performance
    8. Fostering creativity
  • Hiring and Retaining Technical Staff
    1. How demographic changes are impacting the workforce
    2. Understanding the three primary worker cohorts
    3. Changing nature of the "employment deal"
    4. Recruiting
  • The Physical Environment
    1. What aspects of the physical space are important in NPD processes

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