What are the Key Issues in Managing Innovation for Small to Mid-Sized Organizations (SMEs)?

How will you continue to grow your business? Innovation and creating new products needs to be a key growth strategy for every business, but small to mid-sized organizations (SMEs) tend to develop new products on an inconsistent, ad-hoc basis, rather than employing a systematic process that produces a consistent stream of innovations. 

If you are an SME, what do you struggle with? Is it the lack of ideas? Do you have little or no process in place to prioritize the opportunities, delaying making decisions? Do you try and do too many projects given the resources available? Are all your projects consistently late, and suffering from poor execution? Once products come to market, are you disappointed with the results?

Recently, the SME Innovation Training Course was launched to help address the common problems SMEs experience in managing innovation. This online, on-demand training course offers multiple modules that span the topics important to consider when managing innovation.

But are these the right topics? If you are involved with or responsible for new product development at an SME, I want to talk with you! In exchange for spending 30 minutes discussing your challenges, I will provide you a free registration to this course. Your input will help inform the future content.

To participate, simply email Jeff Groh at New Product Visions. There are a limited number of free registrations available.

New Product Visions helps companies improve their innovation management practices. We focus on processes, organization, management engagement and culture. Services include consulting, workshops, and MyInnovationCoach training.



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