The Second Machine Age and Business Model Innovation

Book ImageThe Second Machine Age is the title of a recent book by Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee (1). The topic ties in well with my recent article on the importance of business model innovation (2). I also believe the book does an excellent job constructing a useful mental model to help put in context what we are currently witnessing in the economy today.

The primary theme of this book is that we are in the first stages of the second machine age marked by digital technologies that will finally begin working together to create new opportunities for innovation. The digital technologies include not just computer hardware, but software, AI, networks such as the Continue reading

U.S. Debt, China and Innovation

What does the U.S. debt, the Chinese economy and innovation have in common? More than you think.

Among all the other political stories in the U.S. that consume the media’s attention and many Americans, not much was heard recently about two disturbing trends that will impact the long-term economic well-being of every American household. Continue reading