How Does Job Stress Impact NPD Effectiveness?

For those responsible for new product development, how job stress affects NPD effectiveness has important managerial implications. Most assume that some level of stress leads to improved performance, but there have been few empirical studies. A recent study published in the Journal of Product Innovation Management provides some useful insights. Continue reading

What Does Having a “Design View” Mean to You?

I believe there are many answers to that question. Let’s consider some of them.

One aspect of is certainly the industrial design of your product. I recently wrote a blog post on this very subject. I believe many companies who manufacture industrial products in particular ignore this very important aspect of product design. Organizations run by engineers focus so much of their creative energy on performance and the technology that apple_ipad_2I believe they miss an opportunity to create an emotional bond with customers, and enhance competitive advantage. Think of the Ipad®. Do you believe its design evokes an emotional response and influences the purchase decision? It is also important to consider how you want to treat industrial design across the entire product portfolio. Even if different products have radically different form factors, a common industrial design “theme” will set your company apart from the competition. Continue reading

What’s the Right Level of R&D and Marketing Integration for NPD Success?

A recent article in the September issue of the Journal of Product Innovation Management provides some perspectives on the integration of R&D and Marketing and the relationship to NPD success. The author defines integration as “the magnitude of interaction and communication, the level of information sharing, the degree of coordination, and the extent to which marketing and R&D have a common vision and collective goals during a NPD project.” Continue reading