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New Product Visions is owned by Principal Consultant, Jeff Groh. Jeff's industrial career spans over 30 years in a variety of roles including engineering, sales, marketing, and customer support. Most recently, Jeff was the VP of Technology for a leading analytical instrument manufacturer with annual revenue and earnings growth of +10%. The products manufactured are considered best-in-class and are highly engineered with unique technology (including many patents) and provide clear competitive advantage. As VP of Technology, Jeff managed a large engineering organization with a multi-million dollar R&D budget. At any one time, he oversaw dozens of active projects across three (3) geographic locations.

In addition to his experience in new product development, his broad business background in sales, marketing, and customer support gives him a unique perspective. He understands that the success of new product development requires robust involvement across the entire organization, including management, and is the single most complex business process. Jeff is an engaging speaker and encourages interaction with his audience as a way to enhance the learning experience.

Jeff received his BSME from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, one of the nation's top rated private engineering schools, and his MBA from Augusta State University.

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In addition, New Product Visions has relationships with several service providers that may be able to provide assistance on specific aspects of new product development. These include:


Industrial design and engineering services



CE and NRTL regulatory
consulting services


Coccia Technical Communications

Technical writing services


DR Technologies

Embedded software



"It is not about the efficiency of the new product development process, it is all about the effectiveness!"

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